7th Grade Social Studies

     In Social Studies this year we will be working with the Pearson American History textbook and the Reading and Note Taking Study Guide workbook. Students will learn each topic by making personal connections; investigating the topic through a number of different features; synthesize the information by reflecting on what was learned and demonstrate their understanding of the topic through a variety of assessments.
    In seventh grade we will study Topics 1-9, beginning with The Early Americas and European Exploration (Prehistory-1550) and concluding with The Reconstruction Era (1865-1877).

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The mission of our class is to be kind and respectful to our fellow classmates at all times.  We will strive to do our best, study, and be prepared for every class.  It is important for us to be confident in ourselves and learn from our mistakes.  As Catholic students we will pray every day and be the best followers of our faith as we can be.