6th Grade Science

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Sixth grade science we will explore topics in Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. 

Essential questions will include:

What characteristics do all living things have in common?  How do scientists study these characteristics?
How is interdependence among living and nonliving things essential in maintaining life on Earth?
How does energy play a role in our lives?  How do machines impact our lives?
How do scientists study the history of the Earth?  What evidence is there that shows how the Earth is continually changing?
How do matter and energy interact to produce weather patterns?

Students will routinely read and cite specific evidence to support their understanding of Science. We will share ideas and conduct investigations to answer questions and solve problems in science including an engineering design (Elevator) project.  In Science Lab students will follow multi-step procedures, collect and analyze data and write about their findings. 

Extra Help: Wednesday Morning 7:50 to 8:10 am.