7th grade science
Chemists.pngThe students will use the Physical Science textbook received from the district.  The textbook is new and reads as an interactive notebook.  I will be supplementing the content of this book with additional reading passages that will appear on this site.  The textbook should come to school on a daily basis.  We will be using it during class time when it applies to the topic being covered. 
         Students will be required to read and outline chapters.  Outlines are assigned as homework assignments and will be included as part of the homework grade.  Outlines are to be completed in the student notebook.  The outlines act as working notes that are used in the classroom.  Students are to come to class with a pen and a highlighter.  As the lecture covers the topic read about in the text, students will highlight facts found in the outline and will add important facts about the topic not found in their outline.
Students should review the power points posted on this site on a nightly basis-first to obtain additional notes for the following class and second to review what was covered in the day's lecture.  They can use this review to edit their class notes.
The student notebook will serve as their complete resource for the course.  It should contain information from the text as well as information from the lecture.  In addition all power points are posted on the Physical Science page. Students should review the power points periodically as the topic is covered as a way to prepare for class.
This site will serve as an extension of the class.  This site will contain:
power points
worksheets distributed in class
any announcements that may be important to the class
course curriculum and syllabus
and information concerning the STREAM project