3rd Grade Library

Welcome to 3rd Grade Library!
Library Book Cart.png

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year for your 3rd grader!  Your child will come to the Library once a letter cycle.  The 3rd grade will meet the following days:

3C will meet on "D" day at 12:15-12:55 PM
3L will meet on "D" day at 9:55-10:35 AM

Please remember your child needs to return their library book each time they come to library in order to take out another book.  This year Third graders will continue to work on their Library skills such as the parts of a book, nonfiction & fiction, the dewy decimal system and so much more.  The 3rd graders will also do some research on several different countries and Holidays which will tie into their 3rd Grade S.S. lessons.