Homework Reminders

Homework Reminders 
* All homework should be signed and returned the following day, 
unless otherwise noted * 

-Students should be completing their spelling homework 
neatly in their homework notebook  
Monday- write words 2x each
Tuesday- pick 3 words and write 1 sentence for each
Wednesday- complete spelling worksheet

- Students should be reading nightly 
and completing their reading log 
-Reading logs will be sent home on Mondays 
and are due back the following Monday 
- On Monday and Thursdays students should be rereading the week's story in their reading textbook 

- Students will be assigned a workbook page to complete nightly
 to reinforce the day's lesson
- Students should practice their math facts 
twice a week on XtraMath.org 

- On Thursdays students will complete one page of Promise