Welcome to Fourth Grade

  • Mrs. Lombardi
    Welcome Back!

    I have been teaching at Trinity for 10 years and I am thrilled to be teaching fourth grade this year! I am looking forward to all of the fun and exciting learning experiences the children will have this upcoming  year. 

    I hold a NYS certification in elementary educaton and a Masters Degree in 
    Special Education. 

  • Mrs. Lombardi's Class Mission Statement

    Our mission is to work together to be PEACEMAKERS and followers of JESUS. We will be KIND, FRIENDLY, and RESPECTFUL to each other. We will be HELPFUL to our classmates and always INCLUDE everyone. We promise to be RESPONSIBLE and make GOOD CHOICES in and outside of the classroom. We will LISTEN, PARTICIPATE, and be ACTIVE LEARNERS. We will focus on LEARNING and try our best every day. We want to have a FUN and ENJOYABLE year in fourth grade and always remember to SMILE. 

  • Homework

    Monday, Novemeber 18th
    Math-  Practice Division Facts
    Religion - Chapter 5 and 6 test Friday
    Social Studies -  Make vocab flash cards
    Science - make vocab flash cards

    Tuesday, November 19th 
    Page 233- #6-11
    Religion - Study
    Social Studies - Make vocab flash cards
    Science - Make vocab flash cards

    Wednesday, November 20th
    Math- Review Sheet- DUE MON

    Religion - Study- Chapter 5 and 6 test Frida
    Social Studies - Make vocab flash cards
    Science -Make vocab flash cards

    Thursday, November 21st 
    Religion - Study
    Social Studies

    Friday, November 22nd

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